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Sugarwise is your personal helper to see the truth behind the food label, choose good food and stay healthy. With Sugarwise you can see nutrition facts for each individual ingredient, calories and portion of daily values.DETAILS |
We developed Sugarwise because we know that the food choices we make every day may harm or strengthen our and our children’s health. We know that bad diet is one of the main reasons why we develop serious chronic diseases*. We have checked the statistics - we know that every one of us, in the U.S. and Europe, has a person in their family or social circle, who is chronically ill. We want to put a stop on this epidemic of chronic diseases. We want to help you live better and identify easily the bad food products you could buy but wisely choose not to.Our solution to that is to build a personal helper that you can carry with you to help you select better foods when shopping. Sugarwise is your pocket collection of ingredient facts that contains all you need to know to make better and well-informed food choices.
This is our first release, and with time, while we listen carefully to your worries and needs, we will add more features to help you eat well and stay healthy.
Here is our contact: Please write to us whenever you feel that there is a big issue in your life when grocery shopping, cooking at home, wondering what a healthier diet might look like, or more. We would love to get in touch with you, hear your personal struggle, and take action to solving it together.
We can show you, for EVERY food product you want to check, if it contains too much of a given ingredient - like sugar, fat and salt. You can read detailed ingredient information for every food product with a nutrition fact label. Unlike our competitors, we do not depend on a food database to get nutrition information from. No dependency on barcode scanners. No more error messages saying “This product has not been found in database”.
Product information is manually provided. Yes, this means that at the beginning you will need to type the grams of each ingredient in.
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